MAICOL JECSON O.S.T. (2014 with Amari)


Original soundtrack co-composed with Amari for  “Maicol Jecson”, a film directed by Francesco Calabrese & Enrico Audenino, produced by 999 Films & RAI Cinema (ITA 2014).
It’s the last week of June 2009. Andrea’s parents left for a summer trip so he takes advantage of the situation to skip summer camp and make love for the first time with his girlfriend Eva. His choice triggers a series of events leading him to an on-the-road adventure along with his younger brother Tommaso, a huge fan of Michael Jackson, and Cesare, an old man met at a retirement home.


Directed by: Enrico Audenino, Francesco Calabrese
With :Remo Girone, Tommaso Maria Neri, Vittorio Giannotti, Stefania Casini
Produced by: 999 Films & RAI CInema
Original Music Score By: Amari
Cinematography: Esposito Luca, Chiarello Mauro
Film editing: Giuseppe Pagano, Gianandrea Tintori
Release: 17 july 2014 (Italy)

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Listen the whole O.S.T. :